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Characters of Very Public Data

(CS = Character Source)
(NofF:  Name of Friend. Book character may or may
          not be similar to real life person.
(Actual: Real name of an actual person in the same or
          similar role)
(Tribute: An actual person’s name used in the story in
          a fictitious role. Name used in tribute to their
          service or sacrifice)
(Infamy: Name of a historical person or an
          acquaintance use in recognition of their
          negative actions)
(Composite: Character has been created from two characters)

Main Characters
Sam Call  - Major USA retired
Mary Call – wife of Sam Call
David Lytle – owner of LNMB Investigations, friend of Sam Call (CS: NofF)
Bob  (No last name) – employee of LNMB
Laura, Sarah, Kate, Maggie Call – daughters of Sam and Mary Call

George Bailey – SSN Expert (CS: NofF)
Guy R Doud  – Trainer -  (CS: Tribute, see Note 11)
Thomas A. Flemming  – trainer  (CS: Tribute, see Note 11)
Thomas Leslie Thompson – Chairman of IdentityPoint (CS: Infamy, NS see note 1)
Harvey W. Nichols  – President of IdentityPoint  (CS: Infamy, Note 2)
James W. Twiggs – false name of Nichols (CS: Infamy, see Note 2)
The Architect (no name) – inventor of key identity systems in IdentityPoint
Tammy – love interest of Bob
Don Orrick – search name in test (CS: NofF)
Sherron Watkins – investigation sponsor (CS: Tribute, see Note 3)
Abramoff – lobbyist (CS: Actual)
Mr. Babyak – called by David Lee (CS: NofF)

Curling – DA of the city of Chicago (CS: Infamy)
Michael Ream – German POW Rossinger (CS: Infamy)
Tim Walsh – friend of Sam (CS: NofF)
Mel Reynolds -  stooge for Curling in Commission (CS: Infamy, see note 10)

Tom Luby  -  NECO Leader  (CS:  Infamy)
Christopher Garrett – NCO Agent (CS:  Infamy)
David Lee – minor NECO Agent (CS:  Infamy)
Jim Robinson – false name used by David Lee (CS: NofF)
Edwin C. Shanahan – murdered FBI agent (CS: Tribute, see note 8)

Parnell Thomas -  DA representative on Investigation  (CS: Infamy, see note 7)
John S. Wood – contract killer (CS: Infamy, see note 7)
Sophie  - love interest John Wood
Blake Mariano – contracted first Wood murder (CS: Infamy, see note 2)
Mr. Charlie Ervin Jr. – first client of John S. Wood (CS: Infamy, Note 2)
Jim and Dave Louwaert – investment owners, unknowing front for fraud (CS: Actual)
Susan Melon – original owner of SSN used by Sam Cohen (CS: NofF)
Carrie – love interest of Christopher Garrett who left him (CS: NofF)
Chad Mitchell  - friend of David with boat business (CS: NofF)
SSG Stanley Bender – drill instructor (CS: Tribute, see note 5)
Coleen Rowly – woman who drugs Nichols (CS: Tribute, see note 4)
Robert G. Cole – soldier who Nichols claimed he fought beside. (CS: Tribute, see note 9)
John Mack – PERSOM (CD: NofF)

German POWs
Heinz Braune -  1st  POW to die at Ft. Sheridan. (CS: Actual)
Heinreich Bauer - 8th POW to “die” grave contains Jonathan. (CS: Actual)

Missing in Action WWII
– Names used for the POWs (see note 12)
David R Curry, Bucks County Pennsylvania, CPL  (CS: Tribute)
Phillip L. Brock, Cook County, IL, SGT (CS: Tribute)
Martin O. Lindquist, Fulton County, GA, SGT (CS: Tribute)
Ernest E. Wall, Clark County Washington, SSG (CS: Tribute)
Richard B. Phillips, Anson County NC, SGT (CS: Tribute)
Arthur Bickell, C, SSG (CS: Tribute)
Fuentes, Manuel Jr., PA, 1LT (CS: Tribute)
John W. Watson, PA SGT  (CS: Tribute)
Paul P. Trujillo, Wyoming SGT (CS: Tribute)
John F. Buckley, CPL Dallas Texas (CS: Tribute)

Characters mentioned from Tenth Man
SGT Jonathan Simon - murdered soldier
SSG Frank Ventrilli - murdered soldier (CS: NofF)
Captain John Beakes  - Post Commander, Ft. Sheridan, 1944-1946), (CS: Infamy)
Captain (Dr.) Baker - medical officer in charge of United States Army Out Processing station Ft Sheridan (1943-1946) (CS: Infamy)
Lt Robert Dale - administration officer 1942-1946 (CS: Infamy)
SSG Borders – guard (CS: Infamy)

Casa Nouva
Maria – owner of Restaurant (CS: Actual)
Dale -  employee of Casa Nouva (CS: Actual)
Antonio -  employee of Casa Nouva (CS: Actual)
Richcardo -  employee of Casa Nouva (CS: Actual)


Note 1 – Thomas Leslie Thompson composite name of Thomas E. Mower, Leslie D. Mower and James Thompson of
conspiracy to defraud the IRS http://www.usdoj.gov/tax/txdv05131.htm

Note 2 -  U.S Army soldiers executed during WWII for murder, rape. The false names used throughout.  The first was Army Private James Rowe, hanged for the murder of a fellow soldier at Fort Huachuca, Arizona on October 17, 1942. (sources http://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/executions-military and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_individuals_executed_by_the_United_States_military)

James Rowe - false name used by John S. Wood
Pearson, Robert L. – false name used by Nichols
Rollins, Alvey R.   – name created by The Architect’s identity system
Nichols, Harvey W. -  COO of IndentityPoint
McCarter, William - name created by The Architect’s identity system
Robinson, Charles M. - false name removed by FBI to murder fellow FBI Man,
Edwin C. Shanahan
Wray, Robert - name created by The Architect’s identity system
Twiggs, James W. - name created by The Architect’s identity system
Hopper, Benjamin F. - name created by The Architect’s identity system
Mariano, Blake - name created by The Architect’s identity system
Nelson, Henry W. - name created by The Architect’s identity system
Harold Crabtree - name created by The Architect’s identity system

Note 3 - Sherron Watkins—who wrote the memo heard around the world, warning Lay that the company’s accounting practices were looking very shady. (source: Testimony before Congree http://www.apfn.org/enron/watkins2.htm)

Note 4 - Seeing Watkins’s movie character brought to mind the 2002 cover of Time Magazine, where Watkins was
one of three whistleblowers featured on the front cover of the magazine’s “Persons of the Year.” The other two whistleblowers included Cynthia Cooper, an internal auditor at WorldCom and FBI agent Coleen Rowley. While Cooper mounted an investigation that revealed the largest known bookkeeping scam in corporate history, misstating earnings by at least $3.8 million, Rowley was the one who disclosed incompetence in counterterrorism efforts before the Sept. 11 attacks. – Sponsor for Mission (source: Time Magazine 2002 http://www.time.com/time/arts/article/0,8599,1709695,00.html)

Note 5: Stanley Bender – Medal of Honor Winner BENDER, STANLEY Rank and organization: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army, Company E, 7th Infantry, 3d Infantry Division. Place and date: Near La Lande, France, 17 August 1944. On 17 August
1944, near La Lande, France, he climbed on top of a knocked-out tank, in the face of withering machinegun fire which had halted the advance of his company, in an effort to locate the source of this fire. Although bullets ricocheted off the turret at his feet, he nevertheless remained standing upright in full view of the enemy for over 2 minutes. Locating the enemy machineguns on a knoll 200 yards away, he ordered 2 squads to cover him and led his men down an irrigation ditch, running a gauntlet of intense machinegun fire, which completely blanketed 50 yards of his advance and wounded 4 of his men. While the Germans hurled hand grenades at the ditch, he stood his ground until his squad caught up with him, then advanced alone, in a wide flanking approach, to the rear of the knoll. He walked deliberately a distance of 40 yards, without cover, in full view of the Germans and under a hail of both enemy and friendly fire, to the first machinegun and knocked it out with a single short burst. Then he made
his way through the strong point, despite bursting hand grenades, toward the second machinegun, 25 yards distant, whose 2-man crew swung the machinegun around and fired two bursts at him, but he walked calmly through the fire and, reaching the edge of the emplacement, dispatched the crew. Signaling his men to rush the rifle pits, he then walked 35 yards further to kill an enemy rifleman and returned to lead his squad in the destruction of the 8 remaining Germans in the strong point. His audacity so inspired the remainder of the assault company that the men charged out of their positions, shouting and yelling, to overpower the enemy roadblock and sweep into town, knocking out 2 antitank guns, killing 37 Germans and capturing 26 others. He had sparked and led the assault company in an attack which overwhelmed the enemy, destroying a roadblock, taking a town, seizing intact 3 bridges over the Maravenne River, and capturing commanding terrain which dominated the area.  (source: US Army Center for Military History)

Note 6: Lobbyist file:  Abramoff pled guilty on January 3, 2006, to three criminal felony counts in a Washington, D.C., federal court related to the defrauding of American Indian tribes and corruption of public officials. The following day he pled guilty to two criminal felony counts in a separate federal court, in Miami, related to his fraudulent dealings with SunCruz Casinos. On September 4, 2008, a Washington court found Abramoff guilty of trading expensive gifts, meals and sports trips in exchange for political favors and he was sentenced to a four year term in prison which will be served concurrently with his previous sentences. The extensive corruption
investigation has led to the conviction of White House officials J. Steven Griles and David Safavian, U.S. Representative Bob Ney, and nine other lobbyists and Congressional aides. (Source: Susan Schmidt and James V. Grimaldi Washington Post Staff Writers, Wednesday, January 4, 2006; Page A01)

Note 7 – Parnell Thomas, (R-New Jersey) It was the later HUAC hearings of March 1951 lead by John S. Wood (D- Georgia), and the 1952 Internal Security subcommittee headed my Senator Pat McCarran  A revitalized HUAC (inactive during the war years) now under the leadership of the contemptuous J. Parnell Thomas, (R—New Jersey—who would later himself be jailed for accepting kickbacks) launched multiple investigations into Communist infiltration of organized labor, the Federal government, and most audaciously—Hollywood. The assault on the film industry was in many ways a predictable aftermath of the recent release of films of predominantly liberal sentiment. The apolitical fledging American style Film Noir which took a disparaging view of life under any system of government, was cresting. And there was, it must be said at least a modicum of factual substance to the committees charges. A number of Hollywood directors, screenwriters, and actors had joined the Communist Party or contributed funds to its activities during the Depression of the 1930s. It was to these especially strident participants that HUAC was most mindful. It was the later HUAC hearings of March 1951 lead by John S. Wood (D— Georgia), and the 1952 Internal Security subcommittee headed my Senator Pat McCarran that the “naming—of—names” became the watch words. By 1951, Joseph R. McCarthy was in full blossom. The entire country, Congress, and the Truman administration share equally in what was to come. It was from these latter hearings in Washington and in Hollywood, that the infamous BLACKLIST evolved. By that time, and as a direct result of these more recent hearings, more than 324 people had been fired by the studios and were no longer permitted to work in the Motion Picture Industry. (Sources multiple, including: http://www.moderntimes.com/blacklist/

Note 8 - Edwin C. Shanahan First FBI agent killed in the line of duty in 1925, by a car thief. (Source: FBI

Note 9 - Robert G. Cole (pg 24), Congressional Medal of Honor battle of Carentan, killed Sept 18, at Wilhelmina canal by a sniper. (source: US Army Center for Military History)

Note 10 - In 1995 Aug 22, Congressman Mel Reynolds (Democrat, Illinois) was convicted in Chicago of sexual misconduct involving an underage campaign volunteer. Reynolds was sentenced to five years in prison; he was later convicted of lying to obtain loans and of illegally siphoning campaign money for personal use. Reynolds was later sentenced to five years in prison; he ended up serving 2 1/2. (Source: US News http://www.cnn.com/US/9611/07/reynolds.indict/)

Note 11 - Guy R Doud and Thomas A. Flemming named Teachers of the Year. (Source: CCSSO

Note B1 – Boat name Lowe 14: Fifth Officer Harold Lowe was fast asleep when the Titanic hit the iceberg. When he eventually woke up, disturbed by noise, the ship was already at an angle. Lowe helped to load women and children into the lifeboats and took charge of lifeboat 14. After the cries and screams from the water had died down, Lowe put passengers from his lifeboat into others nearby before returning to pick up survivors. Lowe only found 4 people alive and one died before being rescued by the Carpathia. (Source: www.historyonthenet.com/Titanic/crew.htm)

Very Public Data tells a story of personal identity information and what happens when supposedly trusted entities misuse very private data.   Sam Call and David Lytle first bonded while solving a difficult mystery in which Sam’s best friend was killed; that bond will be challenged by an investigation into the largest provider of public data.   Very Public Data celebrates a man and a woman’s love, unbreakable bond of soldiers, and the strength that honor brings.  

Very Public Data

Sam Call Series - volume 2