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Cover of HONOR FOR SALE and portraits of Matt Eberz by Greg Newington

Tenth Man

 In 1944 German POWs came to Chicago. The war was ending for Germany and every day armies of German soldiers surrender.  Understanding the political situation and the likelihood of not surviving in a Russian POW, tens of thousands made what may have been their only free choice of the war, to whom to surrender.  Fort Sheridan Illinois became the unlikely home of thousands of German POWs.  Here, and at 20 sub camps managed by Ft Sheridan, they worked supporting the installations and as laborers for local business and farmers.  This brought something to the U.S. Army it was unaccustomed to, revenue; millions of dollars to the U.S Treasury from POW labor. The POWs themselves were paid for their labor and were able to buy products in the local camp stores, including beer. Fort Sheridan also had a second mission at that time. With the war over, tens of thousands of American GIs were ending their service. Ft. Sheridan was the last stop for thousands of them each week as the military medically checked them, paid them, and sent them on their way back to civilian life. It was 1946, the war had ended, and Ft. Sheridan was sending American soldiers back to their families, and POWs were being repatriated to Germany. All was well in the world. Or was it? This is a story about two soldiers, one of the present and one from the past.  It is a tale of honor and corruption, of intrigue and love.  ‘Leave no man behind’ is not just a phase, it is an oath that soldiers live by.  ‘Leave no man behind’ means to bring the fallen home, no matter how long it takes. 

Honor For Sale

 This is the third story involving the characters of Major Sam Call (retired), and David Lytle, former military and private investigator. Set in Highlands, North Carolina, HONOR FOR SALE, is a story of the peaceful life of a small, resort town in the Smokey Mountains, the sometimes cut throat Real Estate business, and the power of money and its effects on even the most honorable. Sam Call is shocked when his daughter is found murdered along with her much older live-in boy friend, of whom Sam does not approve. The nature of the crime, and the unaccounted for behavior of the murdered man, leads the local police to determine the murders were drug related. Sam and Mary are devastated by the death of their daughter, but unbelieving of the police chief’s findings and calling on his old friend and business partner, they set out to find the truth. What he finds is that money, sex, and loneliness can take even an honorable person to places they would have never dreamed possible of going. HONOR FOR SALE again explores the true and powerful relationship between Sam and his wife. The many years together has not dimmed the passion, or the banter, between them.  What is new is the heartbreak and vengeance brought on by this murder tragedy. HONOR FOR SALE brings together the military team from Tenth Man and Very Public Data, to investigate, discover and extract an accounting of the crimes committed upon Sam’s family. The military team shows its loyalty and life-long commitment to each other, and how the bond of honor among soldiers and their families transcends time, position, and status. HONOR FOR SALE shows not only the sinister side of life but also the joys of life as developed through comradely, love, and respect as given by people of character and honor.

Very Public Data

 An intricate story of false identities, the system that creates them, the people who abuse them, and the soldier who fights uncover the truth. Major Sam Call, now retired from the United States Army, has become full-time partners in an investigation firm with his friend, David Lytle. In his new role as investigator, is sent to investigate the financial dealings of a Public Records company, IdentityPoint, a major player in the relatively new world of computerized public records. Believing one of the senior officers has been illegally benefiting from a string of acquisitions, another corporate officer has contracted LNMB Investigation, to go undercover to seek out the financial data to prove her suspicions.  Along with David’s long-time associate Bob, a small, unassuming, but extremely resourceful man, Sam goes undercover in a mesmerizing world of data and computers. While seeking data that would determine if there were illegal activities involving acquisitions, Sam quickly discovers the vastness of the public records data systems, the immense power the company data has over the lives of people.  This huge, almost unchecked repository of personal data, can provide an individual’s entire life’s history including their connections with other people, property, and companies.  While using their powerful reporting tools, Sam unknowingly comes across individual names that when inquired alert the F.B.I., and Sam once again finds himself the target of those who would wish to silence Sam–permanently. Set in Georgia, British Virgin Islands, and Washington D.C., Very Public Data, explores the world of Public Records, secret organizations, the world of personal identities, those that build them and those who abuse them.  The story of Very Public Data unveils both the positive and negative power of public data; and while this is a tale of corruption, murder, and deception, it is also a celebration of the love of a man and a woman, the unbreakable bond of soldiers, and the undying strength that honor brings to the human spirit.
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