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You can read about Mulholland's list of abuse here.  You need to scroll down, he is number 451 on the list of 511 Priests. And that is just the priests listed under the letter "M."

Father John Mulholland

St Joseph's Church

Warrington PA

April 5, 2017

Submitted by: Matthew Eberz, 4920 Atlanta Hwy 437, Alpharetta GA 3000

                                         S T A T E M E N T

I am making the below statement in support of the action taken by Paul Edmund Eberz against Father John Mulholland and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia in that the Archdiocese knew of, and allowed to continue, the abuse of boys by one of their priests Father John Mulholland.

I attended Saint Joseph's Elementary school in Warminster, PA, from 1958 through 1966, and with the exception of a six-month period when I was schooled in Norristown, PA, when my father was recovering from a heart attack. I then went to Archbishop Wood High School from 1966 to 1970. During my time at Saint Joseph and Archbishop Wood I was a member of the school organization, CYO, the Catholic Youth Organization, that was led by Father Muholland. It was during that time I frequently worked on a project to convert the old rectory to a meetinghouse. In doing so I worked with Father Muholland and at times I was alone with him. On one occasion he asked me to go with him (I cannot remember where) and we were riding in the car, he was driving. At one point he used his legs to steer the car and said to me, "See how I can drive with my legs, it let's me do other things with my hands." I will not go further into the actions as they serve no purpose at this point as it has been proven on several occasions what Mulholland did and my statement would only bring forth more outrageous and disgusting details no one needs to read. My statement is made for three purposes. First; to acknowledge that I am a victim as well and have first hand knowledge of the abuse by Mulhullond. Second; to state that I did not know this had happened to my bother as well until 2003 (4) when I told Paul's wife what had happened and she reported to me that he was a victim as well. Third; to report how Father Muholland and the Archdiocese ruined my life. I was abused at a very early age, had no one to tell or talk to about it and I kept it hidden all my life. After the "event" I began to wet the bed, which I did for years afterwards. It was humiliating. I withdrew further and further from family. As a result of my years of anguish I had developed a "fear" of relationships with men and over my 64 years I have rarely made male friends.  Over the years I can say I may have allowed four or five men to become close enough to trust as a friend.  Something inside me will never be right enough to trust men. I still have nightmares and strange dreams that torment me and my thoughts and I believe are a direct cause of the failures in my sexual relationships. It happened a half century ago and yet it has nearly defined my life. When I was a small boy I fell through an ice cover cellar and I was rescued by my brother; I would have surely drowned that day. I cannot tell you how many times I have wished then, and even to this day, he had failed to save me and how many times I have thought of how better I would be if I was just gone from this earth. It is a struggle. Now we know the Archdiocese of Philadelphia knew this was happening and did nothing to stop him. Shameful. How many others suffered because of him and the Archdiocese's failure to act.

I give this statement to Paul Eberz to use as he sees fit. No release of this statement may not be made without the expressed permission of Paul Eberz.

                                E N D    O F   S T A T E M E N  T

St Joseph's Warrington PA

I am 65 year old now; I was victimized when I was 12 years old and I kept it secret for almost half a century. It nearly destoryed my life. No child should have to go though that. If my story gets one person to speak out and to look twice at a child who he thinks my be in trouble and then helps him/her find help then all this can have meaning.

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