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Matthew Eberz stage play


 This is a story of an old dog who teaches a young dog how to be a dog, how to care for his human pets and in doing so teaches all of us some valuable lessons on life, friendship and love. Harley is an old dog who lives with Sam and Mary; a childless married couple. Sam got Harley when the dog was one or two years old and before Sam met and married Mary.  One afternoon Sam was in the park when a large German Sheppard attacked him. Young Harley, who was living in the park, drove off the much larger German Sheppard and was slightly injured in doing so. In gratitude Sam returned to the park everyday to feed the dog and he soon became very fond of this unkept and dirty dog. Eventually the independent and worldly Harley became accepting of Sam and he followed Sam home and they stayed together. Sam’s friend Farrel, who is a veterinarian, treated Harley and determined his age at around two. Mary and Sam have been married seven years and now Harley is twelve years old. He is without energy and has started to lose control of himself and often messes in the house. Farrel suggests a puppy might bring new life to Harley, and thus enters Chips. After a shaky beginning, Harley teaches Chips how to both be a dog and a human caretaker. Harley later dies and the young Chips takes his place in the household. Time passes, Chips gets older and the cycle completes when a new puppy, Target, is brought into the family, and the dog training / human pet training cycle begins again.