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     This is the third story involving the characters of Major Sam Call (retired), and David Lytle, former military and private investigator. Set in Highlands, North Carolina, Honor For Sale, is a story of the peaceful life of a small, resort town in the Smokey Mountains, the sometimes-cutthroat Real Estate business, and lastly the power of money and its effects on even the most honorable.

      Set in the year 2000, Sam Call is shocked when his daughter is found murdered along with her much older live-in boy friend, of whom Sam does not approve. The nature of the crime, and the unaccounted for behavior of the murdered man, leads the local police to determine the murders were drug related. Sam and Mary are devastated by the death of their daughter, but unbelieving of the police chief’s findings in the case. Calling on his old friend and business partner, Sam sets out to find the truth. What he finds is that money, sex, and loneliness can take even an honorable person to places they would have never dreamed possible of going.

      The story Honor For Sale explores Highlands North Carolina. It provides an intimate view of real people and the real life goings on of a resort town, including the infighting and struggle between those trying to keep it a ‘small town’ and those who want to make it the “Aspen of the East.’ This story again explores the true and powerful relationship between Sam and his wife. The many years together have not dimmed the passion or the banter between these two lovers. What is new is the heartbreak and vengeance brought on by this murder tragedy. Honor For Sale brings together the military team from Tenth Man and Very Public Data , to investigate, discover and extract an accounting of the crimes committed upon Sam’s family. The military team shows its loyalty and life-long commitment to each other, and how the bond of honor among soldiers and their families transcends time, position, and status. Honor For Sale shows not only the sinister side of life that has become all too common, but also the joys of life as developed through comradely, love, and respect as given by people of character and honor.

Honor For Sale

Sam Call Series - Volume 3