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philadelphia phillies

Got to Have Favorite Sports Teams

Are you kidding me? Look at this place, can you say "Hole in the wall?"

You bet it is. The best hole in the wall ever.

Philadelphia Eagles

No one makes Mussels in Red sauce like Ralph's and no one has atmosphere like Ralph's on the South side of Philly, Yo.  There has never been a time when I was in Philly and didn't go there with my brother  - and there never will be.

My "Nephew" Brandon Graham "55" GO EAGLES

Mike Schmidt greatest 3rd baseman ever to play the game.

Penn State University
Philadelphia Phillies

The photo is the

Mussels in Red Sauce from the menu, but frankly I rarely order from the menu.  The specials are always amazingly delicious and they are made even more by the way they are described by Maria (the owner) and by Roberto, the Head Waiter, who has been there forever. I love Italian food and I have found NONE BETTER than at Casa Nuova - and you wont either.

Go there and you will see why they are a key element in my second novel - Very Public Data.

"When someone comes in and asks for a shot of Jack, give him one from this bottle and tell him the drink was on Specialist Lang."  I've never forgotten that, I use it in all my writing and when I drink a shot of Jack I remember.

I don't drink mixed drinks of any kind and the only thing I drink, other that wine, is "Jack."    When I was a young lieutenant in the army one of our own was killed.  My senior officer and mentor took me took me to the Officers Club and  bought a bottle of Jack, wrote the soldier's name on it and gave it back to the bartender and told him.

Jack Daniels -  Tennessee Whiskey

I was introduced to this by a member of the sales staff of Moffit Vinyards back in 2008 in Highlands, North Carolina at their wine festival. The sales man, brought it to me, showed me the label and said, "Trust me, this wine was meant for you."  He was right. And its not just because I can identify with the label.

SCREENPLAY - 2010 Screenplay Red Wine

My Favorites

It is said "You can tell a lot about a man by what he eats (and drinks)." So what does this tell you?