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Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Matt attended Penn State University, captained the Rifle Team and graduated with a degree on Business Logistics.  Immediately upon graduation he entered the U.S. Army and was initially trained at Ft Bragg, North Carolina.

Matt rose to the rank of Regular Army Major in the United States Army and served numerous assignments including Ft. Sheridan, Illinois, where he began writing Tenth Man.  He served as a Platoon Leader, Unit Commander, Battalion Operations Officer, Division Transportation Officer, Chief World Wide Military Command & Control Systems Europe, Training Officer with the United States Reserves at Ft. Sheridan, and Deputy Director of the United States Army Artificial Intelligence Center at Fort Monroe Virginia.  Post army service, he continued in the computer industry developing major computer systems for private industry.  Mr. Eberz is also the creator of the ADAM alert notification system, which supported the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). Matt has two children and three grandchildren.

While serving as a Training Officer with the United States Reserves at Ft. Sheridan, Illinois, Matt first came across the graves of nine German WWII POWs.  Immersing himself in old, dusty, almost forgotten records he researched these forgotten POWs, how they came to be there, the work they did during that war period, and how they died. This hidden story of service and sacrifice peaked his curiosity and was the beginnings of his first novel,

Tenth Man.  This was the start of his Professional Writing career.

Following the success of Tenth Man and based on his experience in the Public Records Industry, Matt penned the second in the Sam Call series of novels,
Very Public Data. Folllowing VPD came the third in the series, Honor For Sale.

In 2011, Matt completed his first stage play Jake, which is the endearing story of an old dog that teaches a young dog how to be a dog and to care for his human pets. Jake is a touching comedic drama that makes you laugh, makes you cry and makes people wonder who is more human, themselves or the dogs. 

In late 2013 Matt turned author to screenplay writer and with the assistance of Colleen Kerrigan turnned Tenth Man into a screenplay entitled Grave Honor.